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PM condemns Gehlot: “Pink dairy will expose secrets and techniques”

PM Modi’s direct assault on Ashok Gehlot

At a rally in Sikar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi focused Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and claimed that the Congress celebration’s darkish secrets and techniques can be uncovered by way of the purple diary. Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticised Congress for operating ‘loot ki dukaan’ and ‘jhooth ka bazaar’ in Rajasthan, focusing on the federal government led by Ashok Gehlot.

Gehlot’s befitting reply

 Rather than the “imaginary purple diary,” CM Gehlot reminded PM, Modi, to interact in dialog about “purple cylinders and purple tomatoes.” He alleged that the purple diary was a projection of his creativeness and that he might see the purple diary however not the faces of those that had been adversely affected by the value improve. Individuals may converse out in opposition to him throughout the elections, he highlighted.

How did the “purple diary” acquire prominence?

After Congress, MLA Rajendra Singh Gudha exhibited a purple diary within the state meeting and asserted it’d unveil Gehlot, the “purple diary” affair gaining recognition. Gudha was subsequently faraway from the meeting earlier than being suspended. With regard to the journal, it accommodates info on the bribes given by the Gehlot camp to impartial candidates and MLAs throughout Sachin Pilot’s 2020 rebellion.

After a difficulty with the Ashok Gehlot-led Rajasthan meeting authorities over ladies’s security and legislation and order, Rajendra Singh Gudha was dismissed on July 21. Gudha took steps to defend ladies’s rights and keep state safety. The chief minister demanded a purple diary, the contents of which he stated contained confidential details about Ashok Gehlot’s unethical monetary dealings. He asserted that MLAs and ministers representing the Congress captured him, kicked him, and stole the diary. However, he was nonetheless capable of protect a handful of elements of the diary.

What did it embody?

The quantity listed in Dharmendra Rathore’s journal, which included info on monetary transactions and funds made to MLAs, was found to be Rs 2-5 crore, not lakhs. The diary moreover included the names of Ashok Gehlot and his son. Attributable to Gudha’s accusations, the assembly needed to be known as to a standstill and he finally obtained a suspension for conduct that was disruptive.

The state of affairs generated a political backlash when Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat queried the relevance of the “purple diary” and turbulence within the Gehlot administration.

Congress’ “panicking” over the purple diaries was not too long ago addressed by BJP chief Satish Poonia. Gudha obtained criticism for supporting Sachin Pilot in an argument with Ashok Gehlot and for calling Gehlot “nikamma,” “nakara,” and “gaddar.” Pilot, who rose the celebration’s seats from 21 to 99, opposite to his argument, can’t be characterised as a “nikamma.”

Congress’s inner politics

Whereas discussing the Pink Diary within the Rajasthan Meeting, Rajendra Gudha was violently assaulted. Rahul must make clear why he’s mute relating to crimes in opposition to ladies in Rajasthan, and Gehlot should reply.

The case in opposition to Ashok Gehlot, a former minister of Rajasthan, is mentioned within the ebook. Gehlot is accused of extorting cash from a lady after she had given her Rs 384,000 for her daughter’s marriage ceremony. The lady allegedly acknowledged that if the person didn’t return the cash, she would kill herself. Feeling helpless, the minister reimbursed the lady and requested the person who had initially obtained the cash to return it. Nevertheless, the person accused the minister of extortion and introduced a lawsuit in opposition to him. Within the case, which concerned inner politics inside the Congress celebration, strain was placed on the minister to be jailed.

Gudha claimed that he had consistently run in opposition to the BJP in elections and received, with the Congress ending third or fourth. He helped them within the Rajya Sabha and Presidential elections and moved six BSP MLAs to the Congress that adopted the newest meeting elections. 

He’s now, nevertheless, believed to be performing on the BJP’s command. He was imprisoned for 38 days in Rajasthan’s earlier BJP administration for blocking site visitors throughout a protest. The Congress is pursuing me as a result of they’re unwilling to have discussions in opposition to Sachin Pilot.